Magic Beasties

Magic Beasties

Magic Beasties is a game about cute Beasties, built on Binance Smart chain. Collect Ultra-Rare digital monsters, talismans, potions, scrolls, earn Candies. and use them in the game. Trade and earn!


🔑 True Ownership
Every item or character you own in the game is 100% yours and stored on the blockchain. You can exchange or transfer it to anyone at any time.
🤝 Marketplace
You will be able to trade on any marketplaces that support NFT's. And we are also working on our own marketplace.
🏆 Leaderboard
Grow your beasties and move up in the player rankings. Prizes await the winners.
🗡💰 Adventure and Dungeons
You'll be able to send your pet on a dungeon sweep, where it will gain items and farm coins. We are also working on the possibility of players cooperation to fight the mighty bosses.
⚔️👑 PvP Battles
Fight with other players for valuable prizes.



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