Magic Beasties

Witch House

Witch House contain very powerful supernatural powers that can be accessed through the magic wheel!! Player will get candies and a lot of amazing buff!! Roll it and get your rewards now!
Player can access witch house by clicking on it
Magic Wheel!! Roll it and get your rewards!


Candies X1
Candies X2
Candies X10
Candies x20
Candies x50


  • Reduce Adventure Time for 2 Hours
  • Reduce Dungeon Time for 2 Hours
  • Increase Magic Attack for 10%
  • Increase Magic Defense for 10%
  • Increase Physical Attack for 10%
  • Increase Physical Defense for 10%
  • Reverse Magic Stats to Physical
  • 50% Discount to Off-chain Talisman Enchant
*If player get BUFF on Magic Wheel player will randomly get buff from the buff list above
*Player can stack buff if they get more than one buff (BUFF Duration will increase)
Buff Stacking
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