Witch House
Witch House contain very powerful supernatural powers that can be accessed through the magic wheel!! Player will get cookies and a lot of amazing buff!! Roll it and get your rewards now!
Player can access witch house by clicking on it
Magic Wheel!! Roll it and get your rewards!


🍪 Cookies X1
🍪 Cookies X2
🍪 Cookies X10
🍪 Cookies x20
🍪 Cookies x50


  • Reduce Adventure Time for 2 Hours
  • Reduce Dungeon Time for 2 Hours
  • Increase Magic Attack for 10%
  • Increase Magic Defense for 10%
  • Increase Physical Attack for 10%
  • Increase Physical Defense for 10%
  • Reverse Magic Stats to Physical
  • 50% Discount to Off-chain Talisman Enchant
*If player get BUFF on Magic Wheel player will randomly get buff from the buff list above
*Player can stack buff if they get more than one buff (BUFF Duration will increase)
Buff Stacking
Last modified 3mo ago
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