You can duel with another player in text-based combat using your Beasties. Each battle brings rewards or losses in BSTS Tokens. Beasties can choose how to spend Action points each round. Beasties need to use One action point per Attack or Defence.

Action points

Action points are points that players can use during combat with other players, each round each Beastie grants with action points. Players choose how to spend points for each Beastie. As a result, Players can Block Attacks or deal damage to other Players' Beasties.

About Combat

PVP Example of Action points usage In each round, each player has two action points that he can spend, a player can use them in Attack or defence.
Example of 1 round in PVP
  • 1st action point: Player A chooses Attack, and chooses where to strike: Right hand.
  • 2nd action point: Player A Chooses Defense, Torso.
  • 1st action point: Player B chooses Attack to Torso.
  • 2nd action point: Player B chooses Attack to Torso.
It turns out that the players spent their movement points on different tactics. In the final result, Player A deals damage to Player B.
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