Dungeon Drop (Map 1)

House Of The Witch

House of the Witch is a mysterious place, full of different stories behind it. Some may say, the Witch, the mother of the house - is the most wonderful and helpful soul you can meet in this part of the Candy Land, helping other travelers getting through the hardships of traveling, making healing potions for injured beasties or simply offering a dinner to the hungry beings. In the meantime, a lot of other beasties say she is the most vile, vitriolic and mischievous person you will ever see during your entire life, pulling multiple pranks and casting charms on unexpecting guests, turning them into pickles! Yes, pickles, I know, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. It doesn't matter what you may hear about her, one thing is certain - do not commit anything wrong to her cat, otherwise you will face judgement.

    candies_min: 0
    candies_max: 1
    potions: 10%
    scrolls: 5%

Cursed Farm

A Cursed Farm of ol' Morwen. Once a month, an unknown phenomenon occurs, during which all of the livestock turns into cookies! Said phenomenon has been recently discovered by the group of adventurers named “The Rainbow Party”. They’ve left their favourite horse called “Pancake” in an abandoned stables for a night. The next day it appeared Pancake had become… a birthday cake with four candles on top of it. The ghost of Morwen, which haunts these lands for ages, often tells the adventurers to never let their dogs or horses in, sadly, the Rainbow Party wasn’t lucky enough to meet her before the nightfall.

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 2
    potions: 20%
    scrolls: 10%

Dead Rose Valley

Sinful Rose wasn't as awesome as she is now. She used to be just another unnamed, unnoticed beastie. Everything changed once she stumbled upon Rose Valley. Beautiful, full of lively colors and shapes, used to gather the folk from all of the parts of the world to celebrate life and harmony. Back in the day, the place used to be a forge for a lot of different loners and outcasts, where new friendships were made, alliances were forged, and loners were heard. Today, thanks to the great awakening - the Dead Rose Valley is a shade of its former self, with only a few inhabitants alive, remembering its former state - they've decided to leave the lands in a pursuit of new lands to accommodate themselves. Sinful Rose has chosen her name in memory of the land, which gave her an opportunity to meet all of the wonderful friends and make all of the sweet memories. "The good moments and friends come and go, they are intangible, they happen to appear before us and disappear as soon as they become a part of ourselves. The important part is to remember all of the great beasties you've met and memories you've made so you can go back and celebrate all of the things that made these times great, at least with yourself". ~ Sinful Rose

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 3
    potions: 30%
    scrolls: 20%

Crystal Mine Ruins

Crystal Mine Ruins are what remains of one of the most prosperous investments made by King Ramhul. Crystal Mines used to be the heart of operations for the big numbers of merchants and blacksmiths. Most of the products mined here were high quality ores, which often ended up in the most prestigious places, often made into the most exquisite talismans and jewelry used by the royalty. Today the facility is deserted, pretty much forgotten by everyone but occasional adventurers or historians. The legend says, workers hid most of their hard-earned goods in secret gaps, so the guards and mine supervisors would not be able to grab the most precious gems out of the hands of the miners. As you know dear player - Fate is a tricky lover, due to a big frequency of earthquakes, King Ramhul decided to close off the caves before the miners would be able to get all of the riches out of the cave, making those gems indirectly the hidden treasure of the Crystal Mine.

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 4
    potions: 60% + 40%
    scrolls: 40% + 40%

Spider Nest

Eliza the Wicked made this place in a memory of her dear friend, Nessa. The place was supposed to be a tombstone of her dear friend, who passed out during the defence of the Toys Factory. Thanks to a series of unfortunate events - the place became seized by a lot of gigantic spiders, which made this place their home. Full of mystical legends and forgotten artifacts - the sinkhole is a place which is waiting to be pillaged by the adventurers proud and skillful enough to do so. “Nessa my dear old friend, I will always miss the days when we were little kids, and our biggest hardships we had to face was to choose the taste of the cookies we want to eat after breakfast. I really miss you” ~ Eliza the Wicked

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 5
    potions: 80% + 60%
    scrolls: 80% + 20% + 5%

Pharaoh Grave

The big room you see is a throne room of the old ruler of the Ancient land of Aeinmoto - Noma. Since his passing, the country he used to rule, has been seperated into a few other friendly countries which for the most part - are the predecessors of today's Beasties Harbor and the Jelly Pond. Noma used to be known as a demigod of greed. Even before his death, he decided to hide most of his wealth and cookies into this throne room and seal it off, rather than give it back to the people as he should, or prepare his successor to continue the reign of his bloodline. Thanks to his shortsightedness, the country of Aeinmoto is no more, but the rest of his wealth still remains unchecked, ready to be plundered by some brave adventurers! "Well, as you can see brother, I'm often being asked by the subjects of mine - Why do I put so much particular emphasis on wealth? Why, rather than use it to raise the quality of life for all of the beasties of our country, I seal it off and invest it into lucrative businesses? The answer is pretty straightforward and harsh - I know the people of Aeinmoto have papyrus hands. Once they acquire any of the resources we would provide - they would instantly sell them off or flip them out for a small margin, while I, the great demigod Noma - I would make it get us even more resources, so we can become the biggest nation on Candy Land. They are the owners of the paperhands, I AM THE DIAMOND HANDED DEMON'' ~ "Demigod" Noma

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 6
    potions: 80% + 60% + 20%
    scrolls: 80% + 40% + 5%

Horny Tony Tribe

Horny Tony's Tribe is a long forgotten, hidden place from the public eye. Back in the day, The Tribe used to rule over 1/3 of the Candy Land, since the passing of their fabled leader - Kumer - their notoriety has gone down dramatically, making them pretty irrelevant and forgotten in a process. Horny Tony's, while in their natural habitat - are pretty fond of doing a multitude of activities, scavenging the lands for cookies, water, some "horny" material, or celebrating their simple lives in their little communes they built and maintained since the beginning of time. They are known to be a “potion hoarding” tribe, a lot of potion deliveries which are being sent through the lands of the Horny Tony’s Tribe, are being attacked and scavenged by the said tribe. You should always be aware of your surroundings, or you will end up on a barbecue stick. You have been warned.

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 7
    potions: 80% + 60% + 40%
    scrolls: 80% + 80% + 10%

Endless Labyrinth

Enkanara, the genius architect, an heir to the throne of Koblarm designed this place as a hideout in case of being chased by King Ramhuls army. Labyrinth is enchanted by a powerful friendship magic, making everyone with an ill will lose his mind whenever he wants to delve deep into the depths of the Labyrinth, hence why a lot of thieves and bandits named it an “Endless Labyrinth of Fear”. Due to its unstable nature, whenever the magic fractals of fear sense somebody approaching the core of the Labyrinth, the Labyrinth itself rearranges its walls to make the said adventurer lost, making him unable to both get into the center of the Labyrinth, and also get back safely to the start of the facility. “It's pretty bizarre to know that my biggest invention, my magnum opus of my existence, is a facility which is both my safehaven but also my tomb. I’ve always thought I’ve been made to make a big difference in the world, make a lasting positive impact and improve the lives of my fellow friends and family - now - the only one who is going to benefit from my invention is my biggest enemy but also a part of my family, my own brother, Ramhul.” ~ Enkanara

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 8
    potions: 80% + 80% + 10%
    scrolls: 80% + 80% + 20%

Dragon Lair

Dragon’s Lair is a home to an ancient Dragon known as Seviusus the Bold. Seviusus is a highly respected, eminent and also - the most chill dragon, out of the three Red Dragons which are still roaming the lands of the CandyLand. Seviusus used to protect beasties which could encounter the hardships of an early days of the process of developing a civilization, due to natural biohazards, famine or savage beasties which tend to not play fair, causing multiple cookie wars in the past. Once Seviusus decided it's finally his time to retreat into the shadows, he developed a habit of collecting cookies, by collecting I mean - hoarding them in an enormous quantities, eventually he pile of cookies got so big, he decided to challenge all of the adventures of CandyLand to face him in a fight. The winner of a challenge will be able to take all of the stacked cookies from the cave, the defeated adventurers may never leave the gap of the Dragon's Cave ever again. “Seviusus used to be our god, we used to venerate him in the same regard as the Ancient Ones. Once he decided to disappear, we stopped fearing him, but we started to be aware of what kind of prank he might pull on us in the future.” ~ Little Johnny

    candies_min: 1
    candies_max: 9
    potions: 80% + 80% + 40%
    scrolls: 80% + 80% + 40%

Underground Castle

The Underground Kingdom of Koblarm is one of the biggest names in all over the world of CandyLand. Its rulers, the bloodline of Sechs, always ruled with an iron fist, no mercy for its citizens and always with a constant struggle for power in their minds. The current ruler of Koblarm, Ramhul Sechs is no different to his ancestors. He has sent his brother to an exile to get rid of potential family power struggles, imprisoned over one third of Koblarm citizens in jail, and also stolen all of the resources like cookies and gems from the most notable merchants going through the lands of Koblarm. Everything he has done was solely made just for his sense of stability and hunger of power. If you would like to get a name of the biggest villain of the CandyLand, King Ramhul Sechs would be the first one coming to everyone's mind. “What's your purpose Ramhul, what is your endgame? Why do you torment the people of Koblarm?!” - a tired prisoner said. “The truth is, I have everything that a beastie could desire, cookies, power, wealth, yet, I crave more. And I will do absolutely anything to get it. For all of my struggles I make in life, all I could ever accomplish - in just a few generations my name will be forgotten, just like my grandfather's name. I have no idea what I want or what my purpose is. All I know is that the strong will survive, and the weak will perish. All of the patient gets rewarded, and all of the weak will are most likely going to perish. And I can’t let my kingdom perish, I am not my father.” ~ King Ramhul, the ruler of Koblarm

    cookies_min: 1
    cookies_max: 10
    potions: 80% 80% 80%
    scrolls: 80% 80% 80%

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