Beasties online is a new blockchain multiplayer game with ability to collect exclusive NFT’s, rich in content and variety of gameplay. PvP, Dungeons, Adventures, NFT Marketplace - it’s all at the heart of the Beasties! Don’t have much time to play? Do blockchain games require lots of investments to start playing? Start playing without spending anything and spend as much time as you want in the game and earn Candies.

Vision and Mission Statement

Blockchain technology has taken over the world! Blockchain games are developing rapidly and new exciting projects are born every day. Unfortunately, many of the existing blockchain games require significant investments to start the game and are not available to such a wide audience. Others require powerful hardware.

We want to solve both of these problems as follows:

  • To start playing Beasties Online, Players need to create an account and link MetaMask or TrustWallet. This is enough to start fighting the players and get familiar with the game.

  • Play anywhere and anytime - the Beasties game format is available to every user because The game is located directly in the browser and it will be convenient to play both from a computer and mobile device.

What could be better than getting Tokens by playing an interesting game? Beasties Online are based on the concept of Play & Earn, which will allow users to collect Candies, buy exciting exclusive Beasties with them, complete Dungeons and play with other players!

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