In addition to the fact that you can buy a new Beastie, various goods will also be available in the Marketplace. Buy them and pay with our main Token BSTS. Everytime someone trades on the marketplace there is a 3% fee and half of that fee gets burned! 🔥

Talisman help you get more chance in the dungeon you will need to buy talisman from marketplace, and using scroll to enchant talisman level! enchant your talisman now! and win the dungeon!

Potions to increase your stats, timers to speed up the Dungeon passes, buffs to increase the strength of the Beastie, and increase the chance of success for the passage of a particular Dungeon.Talismans, Scrolls, Potions and even rare Beasties which gives confidence in the profitability of winning, much more awaits you in the amazing game Beasties Online!

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