In addition to the fact that you can buy a new Beastie, various goods will also be available in the Marketplace. Buy them and pay with our main Token BSTS. Everytime someone trades on the marketplace there is a 3% fee and half of that fee gets burned! 🔥
From time to time we make something called NFT’s Sale and we put our new Beasties on our marketplace for a really cheap prices. Half of the tokens that we get as devs gets burned! 🔥
Potions to increase your stats, timers to speed up the Dungeon passes, buffs to increase the strength of the Beastie, and increase the chance of success for the passage of a particular Dungeon.Talismans, Scrolls, Potions and even rare Beasties which gives confidence in the profitability of winning, much more awaits you in the amazing game Beasties Online!
Magic Beasties
Magic Beasties
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